Compare and Contrast
X vs. ?

What makes Solo Build It! (SBI!) the optimal choice over standard small business solutions? SBI! is the only all-in-one, step-by-step system of process-and-software that delivers thriving online businesses. SBI! helps you build a genuine, profitable, evergrowing business. No other product can match SBI!'s rate of e-business success.

Let's assume that you have just decided to place your business at a standard Web host (e.g., GoDaddy, 1&1, etc.). Let's follow your progress.

First, ask yourself why you would make this decision? It won't be due to overwhelming proof of success like this. There is none. Nor will you find a Family Bulletin Board -- typical hosts only take pride in financial statements (theirs). More than likely, you've been tempted to accept the lure of cheap (even free!), quick, easy "business hosting."

Soon, though, you realize you're spinning your wheels. You need to upgrade to their "next level" package. You buy two key add-on modules or plugins. And you may have to hire a webmaster to help you coordinate all this, as well as customize one of the programs that "came free" with your hosting.

In a few months, you're spending an hour or two per day researching the Web to "keep up" and trying to figure out how to build traffic. You're reading several Internet marketing newsletters, worrying about technical and search engine issues. You're buying more third-party software, on the excited say-so of this expert or that.

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So How Are You Doing After All This?

Not as good as you had hoped? Remember this triangle?

Your site is more than likely in the dark blue section, near the bottom.

Solo Build It! sites used to be largely in the Top 3%, as shown in the graphic. Today there are 200 million active websites (up from 56 million in 2006), and SBI! sites are largely in the Top 1% (click here for more info).

Despite the increased "competition," SBI! sites continue to outrank other sites and blogs.

And, after one year, SBI! members have spent a fraction of your time and dollars. Every bit of that has gone into building a business, not fighting the barriers.

Non-SBI! site owners waste so much time and money chasing the holy grail of traffic. Despite paying all those dollars for upgraded packages, plugins and help, their sites sit idle, unvisited.

They occupy the bottom of the triangle because they all follow a doomed route. Here's the big picture, typical hosting vs. Solo Build It! comparison...

X high prices (those add-ons add up) vs. one low price checkmark

X major time loss (fighting barriers) vs. efficient focus on business checkmark

X learning curves and complexity vs. "follow the Action Guide" checkmark

X "marketing noise" chasing you at every turn vs. "follow the Action Guide" checkmark

X no clean step-by-step process vs. "follow the Action Guide" checkmark

X scattered information, process, and tools vs. complete and integrated set of the right tools checkmark

X fragmented communities of folks seeking help and answers vs. the success minded, help-and-be-helped SBI! Forums. checkmark

X corporate focus on their bottom line vs. we focus on your bottom line. checkmark

Net comparison? The majority of non-SBI! sites languish unvisited. SBI! sites receive up to hundreds and thousands of visitors per day. Free, interested, warm visitors. Imagine what that would mean to your bottom line.

That's the big picture comparison.

When you compare apples to apples, there is no comparison. Those X's and checkmark's are the difference between success and failure. Try a special comparison for yourself...

The Big Picture Wrap Up

Compare proof-by-proof with any other small business Web host.

Compare SBI!'s total focus on your business success.

Then act.

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